Have you ever visited a website that was supposed to be touting a business, product or service, yet was thoroughly devoid of content explaining just what it is that is supposed to attract your business?

Or how about a corporate blog whose last post is dated 10 months ago?

Or perhaps you subscribed to an email newsletter that you thought you would be interested in, only to find the advice mundane and the writing lacking punch?

If you have had any of these subpar content experiences lately, you know firsthand that a lack of engaging content is a death knell for anyone hoping to hold an audience’s interest. You don’t want to re-create these mistakes yourself, potentially driving off scores of would be customers. Simply put, your business needs strong content.

That is where I can help. I offer an array of services to help you generate the strong content you need to pull visitors to your site and keep them interested. These services include:

Check out my portfolio for samples of my work. If you have a project that you think I could be of assistance on, let’s chat. Send me an email at dantatkinson at gmail dot com to discuss it!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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